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LiDAR is an active remote sensing system that uses pulsating laser beams to precisely detect features on Earth’s surface. These light pulses generate three-dimensional information (X, Y, and Z) for the features on the Earth’s surface, which is the reason why LiDAR technology is also called 3D Laser Scanning. LiDAR is the acronym for Light Detection and Ranging, meaning detection with light (laser beams) and ranging, or determining distance, range.

LiDAR technology opens a new era in the acquisition of spatial data, providing fast, accurate and detailed data of the surface of the Earth. This technology, as well as the technology for processing data obtained with LiDAR scanning and production of new products, are all becoming more available and more advanced each day, making a great contribution to all areas that need high-quality spatial data.

LiDAR project

Keeping pace with the worldwide trends in the field of spatial data acquisition, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre has started conducting LiDAR scanning of the territory of our country. The activities are implemented within the project entitles “LiDAR survey of the entire territory of Republic of Macedonia for creating precise DEM and other quantitative and qualitative analyses of the Earth surface”, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within the regional program for support of the Western Balkan countries. For the purpose of implementing the project activities, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and the Norwegian Mapping Authority (Statens Kartverk) in March 2018 signed a cooperation agreement. The project activities include the LiDAR scanning of part of the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, building capacities in AREC for the process of controlling the LiDAR data and their archiving, as well as creating a LiDAR portal for distribution of the LiDAR products to the end users.

LiDAR scanning of the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia is carried out by the company MGGP Aero from Poland, based on tripartite agreement signed with the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

LiDAR products

Within the LiDAR project, LiDAR scanning was performed and appropriate LiDAR products have been prepared (point cloud and precise DTM and DSM) for 11072 km2 of the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The territory covered by LiDAR scanning, divided into 14 blocks, is presented in the following figure:

LiDAR project – Division into blocks

The prepared LiDAR products will be publicly available to all interested parties, and their distribution to the end users will be conducted through the LiDAR portal, designed within the project.

The LiDAR products are expected to be widely used in various areas of social life, primarily in the crisis management, environmental protection, spatial planning, engineering geodesy, agriculture, defence and other areas where geospatial data are used.

Additional information related to the LiDAR technology, its application, and the LiDAR project of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre can be found in the presentation at the following link.

LiDAR - test data

For all interested users who want to learn more about the products of the LiDAR project, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre has provided a set of test data that can be downloaded at the following links: